Xbox One - Microsoft Store diventa più veloce, intuitivo e sicuro. Annunciato l'aggiornamento

Microsoft ha annunciato il nuovo aggiornamento per il Microsoft Store di Xbox One che lo renderà molto più veloce, intuitivo e sicuro rispetto alla versione attuale.

L’update sarà disponibile dal 5 agosto per alcuni iscritti al programma Xbox Inside e da fine 2020 per tutti.


The new Microsoft Store on Xbox is more than twice as fast as before. It launches in under two seconds, and the browse performance is greatly improved—it’s faster than ever to load pages and find what you need, whether it’s checking out a sale price or watching HD trailers.

Xbox Store

The Microsoft Store on Xbox makes it easier than ever to discover what you’re looking for, whether you want to try out a gaming membership like Xbox Game Pass, find a specific title or DLC, or access an app, movie or TV show. View trailers inline while you search and browse (or turn on autoplay for the most seamless experience), easily see which games your friends are playing, and get information about discounts and offers at a glance.

Xbox Store

Xbox Store


Our goal is to provide an inclusive and intuitive experience for everyone, and we’re committed to making it easier than ever to find your next favorite game, app, movie, or TV show. This starts with a fully redesigned navigation system, allowing you to jump between shopping experiences in a snap or deep dive into something specific.

Xbox Store

Xbox Store

In order to improve ease of use, we’ve revisited and refined a few features and functionalities:

  • With the redesigned search functionality, it’s easier to filter your results.
  • Guided by your feedback, we rebuilt the Wish List. You can now easily add new games to your Wish List and quickly check your list content (including keeping tabs on any sale pricing for your Wish List items).
  • The updated shopping cart makes it easier to add items to your cart as well as view the items in your cart before and during purchase.
  • We’ve also made it easier than ever to shop across four generations of great Xbox content by enabling customers to view pricing while browsing for new Xbox One games and backward compatible Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles, as well as add these games to your Wish List or shopping cart.


We’ve also been working hard to make sure that the Microsoft Store on Xbox is the best place for families to shop for gaming and entertainment. To help parents ensure that their children are interacting with appropriate content, customers must be signed in to their Xbox account before browsing. Being signed in also helps you have a more personalized experience – you’ll see content that is more relevant for you.

Xbox Store

Similarly, we’ve made improvements to the way content is filtered to align with the family settings applied to child accounts. With this update, we ensure that content rated beyond a user’s content filter level does not appear anywhere in search or browse experiences. This means that a child with content filters set for an 8-year old will not be able to view content in the store that is rated for a teenager, for example. The update also guarantees that content filters are applied even when multiple users are signed in. It also makes it easier for parents or caregivers to grant exceptions to restrictions for particular games, movies, or TV shows they may allow their family members to have access to. Click here to learn more about child accounts and family settings on Xbox.

Xbox Store

You’ll see content ratings more clearly surfaced: All trailers start with a consistent ratings pre-roll, ratings information is always clearly shown at the top of game details pages, and persisting age ratings information shows up all the way through the purchase process.

Xbox Store

Xbox Store


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