Visualizza Versione Completa : [Obiettivi] AlphaJax (WP8)

28-06-2013, 17:18
<table width="100%" border=1 cellpadding=3><tr><td width="68" align="center" border="0"><td align="center"><b>AlphaJax</b><br><td width="180" align="left">
20 Obiettivi Per 0G</table>

<table width="100%" border=1 cellpadding=3>
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Ace Adversary</b><br><i>Play 200 words in all your games.</i><td width=35 align=center>5G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Anodyne Supremacy</b><br><i>Score a word that is worth at least 100 points.</i><td width=35 align=center>10G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Deft Doer</b><br><i>Play 100 words in all your games.</i><td width=35 align=center>10G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Obiettivo segreto</b><br><i>Continuare il gioco per sbloccare questo obiettivo segreto.</i><td width=35 align=center>5G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Wordsmithery Persistency</b><br><i>Win 10 games.</i><td width=35 align=center>10G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Amicable Retribution</b><br><i>Rematch a player that you've lost against.</i><td width=35 align=center>15G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b> Not Bamboozled</b><br><i>Win 5 games in a row</i><td width=35 align=center>? G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Capable Candidate</b><br><i>Play 50 words in all your games.</i><td width=35 align=center>15G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b> Apposite Choice</b><br><i>Place a 10 points letter on a Triple Letter bonus tile.</i><td width=35 align=center>10G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Prized Syzygy</b><br><i>Score two Triple Letter Bonus Tiles with a single word.</i><td width=35 align=center>15G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Disencumbering Settling</b><br><i>Complete a game with no tile remaining.</i><td width=35 align=center>10G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Distinguished Triumph</b><br><i>Complete a game with at least 300 points.</i><td width=35 align=center>15G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Sovereign Vanquisher</b><br><i>Win a game with at least twice the points of your opponent.</i><td width=35 align=center>10G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Fundamental Ascendancy</b><br><i>Win a game.</i><td width=35 align=center>15G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Expeditiousness</b><br><i>Be the first of a game to use a Triple Word Bonus Tile.</i><td width=35 align=center>5G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Superintendent</b><br><i>After your first ten words, have an average word scoring equal or better than 20.</i><td width=35 align=center>10G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Discombobulated?</b><br><i>Play 10 games at the same time.</i><td width=35 align=center>10G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Unburdening Gesture</b><br><i>Place the seven letters of your rack in a single move.</i><td width=35 align=center>5G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Contentious Opposition</b><br><i>Create a new skill match game.</i><td width=35 align=center>10G
<tr><td width=68 align=center><td align=left><b>Astonishing Encounter</b><br><i>Create a new random game.</i><td width=35 align=center>10G