Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen
49 Trofei: 40 Bronzo, 6 Argento, 2 Oro, 1 Platino

Uninvited Guests
Completed Uninvited Guests.
Ruler of the Wild Forest
Completed Ruler of the Wild Forest.
Completed Revolt.
Path of No Return
Completed Path of No Return.
Daughter of the Forest
Completed Daughter of the Forest.
Tatokori Gate
Completed Tatokori Gate.
Completed Nuwangi.
Imperial Capital Invasion
Completed Imperial Capital Invasion.
Decisive Battle
Completed Decisive Battle.
Blocking the Shikeripechim Invasion
Completed Blocking the Shikeripechim Invasion.
Special Attack
Completed Special Attack.
Evenkurugan Woman
Completed Evenkurugan Woman.
Battle to the Death on the Bridge
Completed Battle to the Death on the Bridge.
False Truths
Completed False Truths - Part 2.
Giriyaginan Gladiator
Completed Giriyaginan Gladiator.
Completed Infiltration.
Completed Karulawaturei.
Completed Pursuit.
Princess of a Fallen Empire
Completed Princess of a Fallen Empire.
Abandoned Feelings
Completed Abandoned Feelings.
The Daybreakers
Completed The Daybreakers.
Hansana Offense & Defense
Completed Hansana Offense & Defense.
Hunter & Hunted
Completed Hunter & Hunted - Part 2.
Completed Abh-kamu.
Burning Prison
Completed Burning Prison.
The Fallen
Completed The Fallen.
Completed Mask.
Completed Kuuya.
Primordial Dream
Completed Primordial Dream - Part 2.
Demander of Power
Completed Demander of Power.
Great Seal
Completed Great Seal - Part 2.
Chain Attack Participant
Successfully performed a chain attack.
Final Strike Savant
Used a final strike.
Friendship on Display
Used a co-op chain.
Crit Hit
Dealt 300+ damage to a single enemy.
Master Strike
Dealt 750+ damage to a single enemy.
Free Battle
Tried a free battle.
Introductory Training
Tried training.
Training Expert
Completed all training battles.
Viewed all event scenes.
Where the Wild Things March
Completed Where the Wild Things March.
Critical Strike-a-thon
Used every main character's final strike.
Co-op Chain-a-thon
Used every main character's co-op chain.
Unrivaled Chain Attack
Dealt 1,800+ damage to a single enemy.
Training Legend
Acquired all rewards from training.
Sound of a Thousand Memories
Listened to every BGM.
The End
Reached the ending.
Collection Complete
Completely filled out the encyclopedia.
Acquired all trophies.