5th Grader

12 Logros para 200G

You're a Star [10G]
Collect 1 Extra Credit Star

30 Stars [20G]
Collect 30 Extra Credit Stars

70 Stars [30G]
Collect 70 Extra Credit Stars

Super Star [50G]
Collect all of the Extra Credit stars

Smart Alec [10G]
Get 500 answers correct

Fast Fingers [10G]
Get an answer correct in under 3 seconds

Close Call [10G]
Peek at your classmate's paper but don't follow

Smarter Than a 5th Grader [20G]
Win One Million Dollars in any game

Teachers Pet [15G]
Win One Million Dollars without cheating

Ego Trip [15G]
Win One Million Dollars in under 5 minutes

Big Win [5G]
Come first in a multiplayer game

The Great Achievement Hunt [5G]
For me to know and you to find out