[IMG][/IMG]Arkedo Series - 02 Swap!
12 trophies: 7 bronze, 4 silver, 1 gold

Claim your castle!
Achieve the Castle mode.
Double Decker addict
Make 222 Double Deckers.
Prince of my castle
Score more than 40.000 points in Arcade mode.
Thunder god
Activate 1.000 thunder blocks.
Time master
Freeze time for one hour.
Treasure hunter
Collect 1.000 treasures.
Accredited gamer
View the credits until the end.
Block buster
Make a X4 combo.
King of my castle
Score more than 60.000 points in Arcade mode.
Complete all the challenges.
Match a 10 bricks shape.
Emperor of my castle
Score more than 80.000 points in Arcade mode.