Pool Pro Online 3

20 Achievements for 200G

Well Rounded [5G]
Complete a game of 8 Ball, 9 Ball, and Snooker.

Grasshopper [10G]
Defeat Pro opponent in any Single Player game.

Sink or Swim [5G]
Sink 100 legal balls.

Time Sink [20G]
Sink 1000 legal balls.

Running Man [10G]
Run the table (8 Ball).

Midnight Run [15G]
Run the table (9 Ball).

Sure Shot [5G]
Sink 2 legal balls in one stroke.

Master Blaster [15G]
Sink 3 legal balls in one stroke.

Sniper [10G]
Sink the 8 ball on the break (8 Ball).

Eagle Eye [5G]
Sink the 9 ball on the break (9 Ball).

Combo #5 [5G]
Sink the 9 ball on a combo (9 Ball).

Fat Cat [10G]
Accumulate 1,000,000 Scratch.

Brave New World [5G]
Win an online match.

Lobby Lizard [10G]
Win 20 online matches.

Snooker King [5G]
Win 5 Snooker games.

Shark Bait [5G]
Lose 50 games.

Jet Setter [15G]
Purchase all Pool Halls from the Pro Shop.

King of the Hill [10G]
Have an Overall Win Ratio of 80% or more with at least 5 online games played.

Finesse [15G]
Win at least 700 Scratch in one Single Player game.

Limit Breaker [20G]
Achieve a score of at least 147 in Snooker.