Asphalt 5

16 Achievements for 200G

Rookie [5G]
Win 1 event in career mode.

Scout [5G]
Discover 1 shortcut.

Outlaw [5G]
Eliminate 5 opponent vehicles.

Japenese Soul [5G]
Get 1,000 points from a single drift.

Speed Demon [10G]
Reach 407 KM/H or 250 MPH

Urban Manace [10G]
Destroy 200 track objects

Addict [5G]
Pick up 100 power ups

International [15G]
Win an event in 6 different locations

Traffic Jammer [10G]
Crash 50 traffic cars

Collector [15G]
Spend $1,000,000 on vehicles

Bandit [15G]
Destroy 20 police vehicles

Millionaire [20G]
Win $5,000,000

Petrol Head [20G]
Unlock all vehicles

Genleman [15G]
Unlock all girls

Explorer [20G]
Unlock all tracks

Champion [25G]
Unlock all achievements and get a special prize in the garage