Sally's Spa

17 Achievements for 200G

Story Complete I [10G]
Complete the story in Normal difficulty mode.

Story Complete II [20G]
Complete the story in Hard difficulty mode.

Perfect World [40G]
Complete all levels with Perfect Score in both difficulty modes.

Hyper Shopper [5G]
Purchase all Upgrade Shop items and upgrades.

Employer of The Year [5G]
Hire all the employees and upgrade them.

Survivor [5G]
Serve 10 customers in Survival mode.

Super Survivor [15G]
Serve 15 customers in Survival mode.

Expert Survivor [25G]
Serve 25 customers in Survival mode.

Perfection [5G]
Complete one level with Perfect Score.

Super Perfection [10G]
Complete 10 levels with Perfect Score.

Expert Perfection [25G]
Complete 25 levels with Perfect Score.

Best Seller [5G]
Sell 100 natural products.

Tea Master [5G]
Serve 24 cups of tea to customers.

Paper Delivery [5G]
Hand out 24 magazines to customers.

Mani-Pedi Master [5G]
Perform 50 successful nail treatments.

Stone Champion [5G]
Successfully swap hot stones for 50 customers in the game.

Best Friend's Gift [10G]
Gain best rank in Nell's Shop.