Little Acorns

20 Achievements for 200G

Year One [10G]
Year 1, Basic Clear

Year Two [10G]
Year 2, Basic Clear

Year Three [10G]
Year 3, Basic Clear

Year Four [10G]
Year 4, Basic Clear

Year One - Done Properly [10G]
Year 1, Full Clear

Year Two - Done Properly [10G]
Year 2, Full Clear

Year Three - Done Properly [10G]
Year 3, Full Clear

Year Four - Done Properly [10G]
Year 4, Full Clear

Perfectionist [10G]
Full clear of the entire game

Stay a while… [10G]
…Stay forever!

Jolly Jumper [10G]
Jump around!

Grapple Combo [10G]
Who needs platforms?

Grapple Master [10G]
It's fun to swing!

Fruit Frenzy [10G]
It's good for you

Combo Kill [10G]
Pop-Pop-Pop (2)

Multi Kill! [10G]
Invincibility is fun

Pinball Wizard [10G]

Elevator Action [10G]
Master the moving platforms

Sparkle Motion [10G]
Swinging and sparkling

Nice Catch! [10G]
Save the babies!