Double Dragon: Neon

30 Achievements for 400G

Skullmageddon's Curse [1G]
Nyah ha ha! Now finish what you have started!

Bone to Pick [5G]
Hit Skullmageddon with a hair pick

A Boo Boo [5G]
Knock Abobo into a pit

Fuzzface!! [5G]
Befriend everyone's most favoritest helpful character!

Metal Head [5G]
Upgrade a song at the Tapesmith

Put Your Heads Together [5G]
Grab two enemies at once!

Tossin' on Air [5G]
Grab an enemy out of the air 10 times

Is That a Quarter? [5G]
Knock Williams into a pit

Weapon Master [5G]
Use every weapon once

Bro-merang [5G]
Catch a boomerang thrown by your bro!

The Key to Victory [5G]
Defeat an enemy by unlocking his potential

Jawsome!!! [5G]
Expose the twin bulbs simultaneously

Gleam On! [10G]
Dodge and get the Gleam 50 times

Mr. Perfect [10G]
Complete any level without taking any damage

Cultured [10G]
View all pages of the concept art gallery

You Did What!? [10G]
You got 50000 on Double Dragon!?

High Fidelity [10G]
Max out a single song to level 50

This Channel Sucks [10G]
Break all of the Skullmageddon monitors in the Rocket Dojo

Grand Slam! [10G]
Defeat 4 enemies with a single bat swing!

Are You Awake? [10G]
Win an airlock battle without attacking

Pick a Winner! [15G]
Nail all enemies with the hair pick

Victory! [19G]
Defeat Skullmageddon!

Audiophile [20G]
Collect one of each mix tape song

Misters Perfect [20G]
Complete any level in co-op without taking any damage... with friendly fire enabled!

Later Ro-bros! [20G]
Beat every level as a Ro-bro

Tone Deaf [25G]
Complete the game without using any Sosetsitsu!

Double Dragon [40G]
Finish every stage cooperatively on Double Dragon difficulty with friendly fire enabled!

Max Fidelity [50G]
Max out every song to level 50!!

Single Dragon [50G]
Finish every stage solo on Double Dragon difficulty!

A Foot Face? [5G]
Become the hidden idol!