12 Trofei: 8 Bronzo, 3 Argento, 1 Oro

Minor Leagues
Defeat the enemies contained in a Minor Sigil.
Major Leagues
Defeat the enemies contained in a Major Sigil.
Sworn Duty
Complete 20 Duties.
Lucky Seven
Beat a gambling dwarf with a roll of 7.
Enchanted to Meet You
Enchant an artifact with a legendary crafting material.
Complete a Power Spell ritual.
Master Mage
Level up your character to 100.
Level up a creature to 100.
The Pandemonium King
Defeat the Pandemonium King.
The Treasure Golem
Defeat a Treasure Golem.
Hot Streak
Attain an arena win streak of 10 or higher.
Gotta Catch 'em... Nevermind
Summon 300 unique creatures.