Asdivine Hearts
15 Trofei: 10 Bronzo, 5 Argento

The Adventure Begins
Watch the opening.
A Fluffy Deity?
Meet the self-proclaimed deity.
All Together
Complete the party.
Parallel World
Arrive at Reveria for the first time.
The Balance of the World
Return to Asdivine again.
Conveyed Feelings
Earn the ”Conveyed Feelings” ending.
Closer than Before
Earn the ”Closer than Before” ending.
Unchanging Warmth
Earn the ”Unchanging Warmth” ending.
The Two Deities
Earn the ”The Two Deities” ending.
Hearts Connected
Earn the ”Hearts Connected” ending.
An End and a New Beginning
Earn the ”An End and a New Beginning” ending.
Love Story
Earn the ”Love Story” ending.
Together Forever
Earn the ”Together Forever” ending.
Deity in Love
Earn the ”Deity in Love” ending.
A New Adventure
Earn the ”A New Adventure” ending.