The Surfer
15 Trofei: 13 Bronzo, 1 Argento, 1 Oro

High Score
Top of the records table
Ledge Rock Heat
1st in Ledge Rock Heat
Ledge Rock Semi Final
1st in Ledge Rock Semi Final
Ledge Rock Final
1st in Ledge Rock Final
Forsaken Gully Heat
1st in Forsaken Gully Heat
Forsaken Gully Semi Final
1st in Forsaken Gully Semi Final
Forsaken Gully Final
1st in Forsaken Gully Final
L'Ossuaire Heat
1st in L'Ossuaire Heat
L'Ossuaire Semi Final
1st in L'Ossuaire Semi Final
L'Ossuaire Final
1st in L'Ossuaire Final
Fernandos Heat
1st in Fernandos Heat
Fernandos Semi Final
1st in Fernandos Semi Final
Fernandos Final
1st in Fernandos Final
Pro Tour Unlocked
Unlocked the Pro Tour
Super Champ
Top 5 with all characters