Super Blood Hockey
Trofei: 34 Bronzo: 11 Argento: 19 Oro: 3 Platino: 1

First Career Goal
Score the first goal of your career.
A Basket of Biscuits
Score 10 goals.
First Victory.
Win your first game.
On the Up and Up.
Win 10 games.
Sudden Death
Win a game in overtime.
Crippling Blow
Dish out a disabling injury to an opposing player.
Blood On Your Hands
Fatally injure an opposing player.
First Step
Win your first Franchise game.
Bedridden Burden
Have an inmate suffer a disabling injury.
One For the Dumpster
Have an inmate die on the ice.
By Any Means
Purchase illegal drugs.
Rising star
Score 100 goals.
Challenge 1: Outnumbered
Win a 4 vs. 8 game.
Challenge 2: Part of the team
Win a game while controlling only a single person.
Challenge 3: Mega Rumble
Win a 12 vs. 12 game.
Challenge 4: Turbo Mode
Win a game with players at half their normal weight.
Challenge 5: Manual Goalies
Win a game with manual goalies.
World Champion: Finland
Win the global tournament as team Finland.
World Champion: Russia
Win the global tournament as team Russia.
World Champion: USA
Win the global tournament as team USA.
World Champion: Sweden
Win the global tournament as team Sweden.
World Champion: Canada
Win the global tournament as team Canada.
World Champion: North Korea
Win the global tournament as team North Korea.
World Champion: Czechia
Win the global tournament as team Czechia.
World Champion: Germany
Win the global tournament as team Germany.
Massacre On Ice
Have a total of three or more fatalities in a single game.
Profitable Venture
Increase your Franchise's value to $50,000 or more.
Profit Over People
Pull the plug on a financial burden.
Dead Guinea Pig
Lose an inmate to a drug overdose.
The Mark of Failure
Purge yourself to cleanse the shame of financial failure.
Local Legend.
Win 100 games.
Season One Winner
Win the first season of the Franchise Mode.
Back on the Ice
Rehabilitate a disabled inmate.
All Trophies
Earned all trophies.

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