Super Wiloo Demake
19 Trofei: 2 Bronzo, 7 Argento, 9 Oro, 1 Platino

Got Some Coins
You got 100 coins.
Feeling special
Get 3 special coins.
The Journey Begins
You have finished the first level.
Got Many Coins
You got 500 coins.
Playing with Cards I
You have unlocked the first bonus stage!
Dress up
Try bee costume.
Try the turtle costume.
Nobody will recognize me
Try the unicorn costume.
Does it protect?
Try the armadillo costume.
Got a lot of Coins
You got 1.000 coins.
Got Rich!
You got 2.000 coins
Get 20 special coins.
My speciality
Get 35 special coins.
Getting started
Defeat 100 enemies.
Well done
Defeat 250 enemies.
No mercy
Defeat 350 enemies.
You will be a legend
Defeat 1st boss.
Friends again
Defeat 2nd boss.
Platinum Wiloo
Get all other trophies.