Baldur's Gate
Trofei: 55 Bronzo: 46 Argento: 6 Oro: 2 Platino: 1

On My Own
Leave Candlekeep, the only home you've ever known
Friendly Faces at the Friendly Arm
Speak to Khalid and Jaheira at the Friendly Arm Inn.
Victory is Mine
Killed Mulahey and ended the threat to the Nashkel mines.
Bandits Banished
Killed Tazok and ended the bandit threat to the Sword Coast.
On the Trail
Reported Rieltar's activities to Duke Eltan in Baldur's Gate
On My Own... Again
Made your way through the catacombs beneath Candlekeep.
Mercenary of the Month
Side with Silkie against the mercenaries in Beregost.
Worst Bodyguard Ever
Side with the mercenaries against Silkie in Beregost.
Scent of a Kobold
Discover who let the kobolds into Gullykin.
Only Mostly Dead
Return Drienne's cat to her.
Restore Camah to life.
Sobering News
Return Joseph's greenstone ring to his wife.
Save the Cow!
Save Hulrik's cow.
Forest Friend
Side with Seniyad in the Cloakwood Forest.
Noble Assistant
Side with Aldest Sashenstar in the Cloakwood Forest.
The Written Word
Appease the ghost in the Ulcaster Ruins.
This Belongs in a Museum
Assist Charlston Nib at the archaeological dig.
Gallor's Plot
Assist Gallor at the archaeological dig.
Fishermen's Friend
Side with the fishermen near Baldur's Gate.
Fishermen's Foe
Return Tanya's stolen property.
Second Chance
Convince Captain Brage to return to the Temple of Helm.
Judge, Jury, Executioner
Put an end to Captain Brage's mad rampage.
A Work of Art
Protect Prism until he completes his masterpiece.
Return the stolen emeralds to Oublek.
Damsel Out of Distress
Help Abela the nymph escape.
Bring Casson's body to Tremain.
Use Your Words
Convince Marl to back down without resorting to violence.
He Started It
Teach Marl a lesson.
Finish all your chores before leaving Candlekeep.
Bring Firebead a copy of The Fateful Coin.
Safe For Now
Defeat Carbos and Shank.
Witch Slayer
Send the witch Dynaheir to the afterlife.
Witch Savior
Set the witch Dynaheir free from her prison.
The Stone Cleric
Return the stone maiden at the Nashkel Carnival to life.
All the Options
Have Neera, Dorn, and Rasaad in the party at the same time.
Find Baeloth the Entertainer and convince him to join your party.
Back to Basics
Speak to all the Candlekeep tutors and learn what they have to teach you.
Lover's Sacrifice
Sent Tamoko to the afterlife.
Lover's Redemption
Convinced Tamoko to aid you.
Sacrifices Must Be Made
Finish the game with a full party of dead allies.
Acquire Heroic reputation.
Acquire Despised reputation.
Murder Incarnate
Kill 1,000 creatures.
Become a Fallen Paladin or a Fallen Ranger.
Best Day Ever
Have Bless, Chant, and Luck active at the same time.
Worst Day Ever
Have Disease, Fatigue, and Poison active at the same time.
Water, Water Everywhere
Killed Davaeorn and shut down his mining operation.
The Legend of Durlag's Tower
Explore Durlag's Tower and defeat the evil growing within it.
Faerûnian Idol
Find and keep an artifact at the archaeological dig.
Master Thief
Steal a telescope from the Hall of Wonders.
An Ancient Evil
Destroyed the demon Aec'Letec.
Leave No Friend Behind
Complete the game with a full party without anyone dying.
Hero of Baldur's Gate
Killed Sarevok and ended his threat to Baldur's Gate and the Sword Coast.
Lord of Murder
Complete the game on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty.
Master of Baldur's Gate
All achievements completed

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