Icewind Dale
Trofei: 51 Bronzo: 38 Argento: 10 Oro: 2 Platino: 1

Grand Master
Obtain Grand Master weapon proficiency level.
Flying Solo
Complete the game with only a single party member.
Complete the game on the Story Mode difficulty setting.
Increase an attribute score to 25.
Reduce Armor Class to -15 or lower.
Reach 150 Hit Points.
Killed 1,000 creatures.
Obtain a Lore skill of 100 or more.
Epic Mage
Reach level 30 with a Mage or Sorcerer.
Epic Rogue
Reach level 30 with a Thief or Bard.
Epic Warrior
Reach level 30 with a Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Monk, or Barbarian.
Epic Priest
Reach level 30 with a Cleric, Druid, or Shaman.
Company of Champions
Have six party members who are good-aligned.
Order of Guardians
Have six party members who are neutral-aligned.
Band of Villains
Have six party members who are evil-aligned.
The Unseemly Relic
Found Pale Justice, the Holy Avenger sword.
Infernally Vexed
Acquired the infernal Vexed Armor.
Cold Fury
Assisted the dwarven smith Tiernon to forge an ice weapon.
Black Swan
Acquired the Black Swan Armor.
The Reborn Blade
Acquired the Restored Blade of Aihonen.
The Singing Blade
Acquired the Singing Blade of Aihonen.
The Raging Mage
Memorized Malavon's Rage.
Song of the Sea
Sang to the Sea Spirit Elisia.
The Secret Garden
Restored the Arboretum to its former glory.
Freed all slaves in the Wyrm's Tooth glacier.
Constructed Betrayal
Turned Malavon's Iron Golems against him.
The Lone Wolf
Discovered the true identity of the Lonelywood werewolf.
Glacial Efflorenscence
Brought a rose of ice to the bard, Murdaugh.
Soothing Warmth
Visited Kuldahar.
Eye of the Dragon
Visited Dragon's Eye.
The Towering Ruin
Visited the Severed Hand.
Echos from the Deep
Visited Dorn's Deep.
The Glistening Glacier
Visited Wyrm's Tooth Glacier.
Coldest Winter
Revisited Easthaven.
The Final Resting Place
Visited the Burial Isle.
The Gloomy Mountain
Visited Gloomfrost.
The Frozen Sea
Visited the Sea of Moving Ice.
Visited the ruined castle in the Anauroch desert.
Become a Fallen Paladin or a Fallen Ranger.
Living Legend
Reach level 30 in two classes with the same character.
Resisted the Lure
Completed Trials of the Luremaster.
Savior of the Ten Towns
Completed Icewind Dale.
Hero of the Frozen North
Completed Heart of Winter.
Dragon Slayer
Killed Icasaracht, the White Dragon matriarch.
Fiend Slayer
Killed Belhifet.
Giant Slayer
Killed Joril, the leader of the Frost Giants.
Lich Slayer
Killed Terikan, the Lich.
Demon Slayer
Killed Yxunomei, the Marilith demoness.
Master Tactician
Complete the game on the Heart of Fury difficulty setting.
Ultimate Warrior
Reach level 30 in three classes with the same character.
Master of Icewind Dale
Get every trophy

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