New Sakura Wars
Trofei: 45 Bronzo: 36 Argento: 5 Oro: 3 Platino: 1

Winds of Change
Completed Chapter 1: Winds of Change.
A Handful of Bliss
Completed Chapter 2: A Handful of Bliss.
The Festival of Peace
Completed Chapter 3: The Festival of Peace.
Behind the Mask
Completed Chapter 4: Behind the Mask.
Fallen Petals
Completed Chapter 5: Fallen Petals.
Gone with the Stars
Completed Chapter 6: Gone with the Stars.
A Flower's Fate
Completed Chapter 7: A Flower's Fate.
Battle Bot Beginner
Completed a Battle Bot simulation for the first time.
Simulated Victory
Completed all Battle Bot simulations.
First Raid
Defended Tokyo in a Raid for the first time.
Fledgling Collector
Collected your first bromide.
Novice Collector
Collected 20 bromides.
All characters appeared in intermissions.
Two-Star Captain
Earned the title of Two-Star Captain.
Veteran Captain
Earned the title of Veteran Captain.
The Power of Trust
Raised the trust of a team member.
The Promise
Completed Sakura's ending.
Downtown Duo
Completed Hatsuho's ending.
True Ninja
Completed Azami's ending.
Happily Ever After
Completed Claris's ending.
When the Stars Align
Completed Anastasia's ending.
Dependable Guy
Received a message 15 times.
Tokyo Traveler
Visited every map in Tokyo.
A Great Fight
Obtained an S rank in battle for the first time.
Look, These Things Are Heavy
Fell off the map during battle a total of 30 times.
Stunning Swordplay
Triggered dynamic effects in battle 10 times.
Undaunted Courage
Performed 10 special attacks.
Lion's Wrath
Performed 30 special attacks.
One-Man Army
Performed 50 special attacks.
Bittersweet Destiny
Performed a Team Attack with Sakura 5 times.
Festival Celebrities
Performed a Team Attack with Hatsuho 5 times.
Perfect Execution
Performed a Team Attack with Azami 5 times.
A Tale of Two Readers
Performed a Team Attack with Claris 5 times.
Shimmering Constellation
Performed a Team Attack with Anastasia 5 times.
Koi-Koi Novice
Played in a Koi-Koi tournament for the first time.
Koi-Koi King of the Flower Division
Defeated all members of the Flower Division in Koi-Koi Wars.
Pro Collector
Collected 50 bromides.
Flower Division Captain
Earned the title of Flower Division Captain.
Flowery Language
Saw the Communication Modes for all Flower Division members.
The Power of Friendship
Achieved Motivation level of 10 with all Flower Division members.
Koi-Koi Wars Champion
Defeated all opponents in Koi-Koi Wars.
Passing the Torch
Completed the Final Chapter: Passing the Torch.
Battle Botanist
Achieved S Rank in all Battle Bot simulations.
Bromide Master
Collected all bromides.
All Trophies
Obtained all other trophies.

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