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Discussione: PS pls bring back couch multi-player for future consoles and game titles.

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    ps PS pls bring back couch multi-player for future consoles and game titles.

    I think PS needs to bring couch multi-player back as well as encouraging the game developers and creators to include couch multi-player in their titles. No doubt online multi-player is great, make new friends and all but honestly couch multi-player is awesome, for me I'd prefer that to online multi-player. It really brings people together but now I can't have friends over during the holidays while they all watch me play NFS by myself or play an adventure game of two main characters. Uncharted a Thief's End is a best example, I could be Nathan and my brother or friend could be Sam. PS2 and the titles it had were by far the best gaming moments. Playing almost every title with family or friends. But now I play with someone online and win I could be getting death threats because I'm winning but I'm sure if I was sitting close to that same person the experience might be different. I don't mind if I title cost $200 as long as I can enjoy with my siblings and friends in the same room then I'm good. Cos really gaming online gets really boring when your online friends are sleeping their country and you're awake in yours but no one to really game with or they're playing a title that you don't have or vice versa OR the worst thing which is server problems or internet connection.tweakbox appvalley https://vlc.onl/
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