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Discussione: Games that encourage you to be proactive or problem-solve?

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    ps Games that encourage you to be proactive or problem-solve?

    I'm a firm believer on the impact of video games on the mind. A year ago, I bought PS4 with the intention to alleviate stress, improve my sense of direction/navigation, and to help my ability to solve problems pro-actively. It's helped more significantly than I had originally thought.

    I have a girlfriend who is hyper-introverted, rarely goes out/takes action and is very reactive to life (feels obligated to do most things), mainly due to confidence. I'm trying to get her to take more action and wanted to know which video games may help encourage this confidence of taking action? (as opposed to being afraid of the world at times)... games where you explore and take on challenging tasks would be awesome.

    Games that encourage you to use your noggin are more appreciated and if it's two player, all the better. That said, if you believe that fast-paced shooters etc. encourage this, please let me know. If there are any games that somehow improve verbal skills or encourage communication, that would be fantastic.

    If it's two player or co-op, all the better. Here are the 2 player games that I own - Divinity 2 (This would be fantastic, what do you think?), Diablo 3, Lego Star Wars, Helldivers, GTA V, Overcooked 2 (she loves it), she also loves soccer and just bought PES for me.https://19216811.cam/ https://xender.vip/ https://testmyspeed.onl/
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