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Discussione: [Trofei] Bloodroots

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    PSN ID: edwardkeep

    PS4 [Trofei] Bloodroots

    Trofei: 34 Bronzo: 16 Argento: 12 Oro: 5 Platino: 1

    Brought Home the Bacon
    Complete Act 1
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Bison bison Bison bison bison bison Bison bison.
    Complete Act 2
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Something to Crow About
    Complete Act 3
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    King of the forest
    Unlock the Bear Hat
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Keeper of the deep
    Unlock the Fish Hat
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Foul creature of excess
    Unlock the Boar Hat
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Spry scout of the underbrush
    Unlock the Deer Hat
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Gentle giant
    Unlock the Dog Hat
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Underappreciated ungulate
    Unlock the Bison Hat
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Courier of the woods
    Unlock the Rabbit Hat
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Protector of ponds
    Unlock the Frog Hat
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Cleverest bird in the sky
    Unlock the Crow Hat
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    His Darkest and Most Precious Secrets
    Find your first wolf
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    "I will chop your heads off!"
    Kill 25 enemies with an Hatchet
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Marco Polo
    Search for the last enemy of an area
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    One Room From Retirement
    Die at the hands of the last enemy in an area
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    "Dark and Silent and Complete"
    Complete Game
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    The Spice of Life
    Kill every enemy in a level with a different weapon
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    C-C-Combo Maker!
    Finish any level in one continuous Combo
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Hold Me Closer, Bullet Dancer
    Get a perfect score for Mobility in any level
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    The Politeness of Kings
    Get Perfect Timing on every kill of a level
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Honorary Blood Beast
    Get a score greater than 1 000 000
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Meep Meep
    Finish any level in Act 2 in under 3.5 minutes
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    "The Honeymoon Was Killer"
    Kill 50 enemies with an Hatchet
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    An Ode to Flint
    Set 500 enemies on fire
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Don't use any weapons for a whole level
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    "Ned Ryerson!"
    Die 50 times in a single room
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    "There Are Other Worlds Than These"
    Die 100 times in a level
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Unlock all hats
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    An American Black Wolf in Tarrytown
    Find all hidden wolves
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    "12:15 (Earthly Time) on Next Tuesday Night"
    Kill 100 enemies with an Hatchet
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    Took a Wrong Turn at Albuquerque
    Kill 100 enemies with a carrot
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    "Permission to Come Aboard?"
    Kill 100 enemies with a fish
    [Trofei] Bloodroots
    So Promising, So Bright, the Spoils!
    Collect all trophies
    [Trofei] Bloodroots

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