Sociable Soccer 24 arriva su Nintendo Switch

Sociable Soccer 24 è disponibile ora per Nintendo Switch. A seguire il trailer di lancio e il comunicato stampa.

Sociable Software Ltd, a new games company working with the creators of the Sociable Soccer franchise, is proud to announce that Sociable Soccer 24 is available to purchase on Nintendo® Switch™ starting today! Available via physical game card or digital download, PlayStation® & Xbox® versions of the game will also be launching shortly.

With the FIFPRO™ license bringing over 12,000 licensed players to the pitch, only Sociable Soccer 24 brings a heady mix of authenticity fused with the addictive arcade-style of gameplay, so very lacking in other football video games.


Don’t be fooled by the easy-to-play nature of Sociable Soccer 24, it’s simple to pick up but hard to master, providing the fast-paced, strategic gameplay loved by millions; exactly what you would expect from a team with such a rich heritage in video game football.


For Sociable Soccer 24, the Italian international and Inter Milan player, Stefano Sensi, proudly features as this year’s cover star, just one of the thousands of playable football stars available in the game.


Jon Hare, Creative Director at Sociable Software Limited commented, “As a former No.1 game on Apple® Arcade™, and already popular on Steam®, we’re delighted that the time has finally come for console gamers to get a piece of the action, starting with the Nintendo Switch version, available today. We feel that the action focused gameplay of Sociable Soccer 24 is ideally suited to console gamers, many of whom long for a serious choice in football games. Sociable Soccer 24 plays like no other football game, and with licensed heroes, incredibly addictive gameplay and non-stop action, we can’t wait to welcome console fans of the beautiful game to Sociable Soccer 24.”


Packed with fun, features and football action, there’s so much to enjoy in Sociable Soccer 24. Some of the standout features of the game include:

  • Over 12,000 FIFPRO licensed professional players to collect and upgrade.
  • Control and manage your team with no loot boxes or in app purchases.
  • 10 division online league system to climb and conquer.
  • Up to date player, team and competition data for 1,400 world teams.
  • Over 80 world football trophies to win.
  • Fast, intuitive arcade gameplay, easy to pick up & hard to master.
  • Amazing couch multiplayer mode, just like the good old days!
  • Online PvP matches against friends or random opponents **.
  • Clan play representing the club that you love against rival fans.
  • Friendly, Career and Trophy game modes all included.
  • 3 ways to play: Coach (just watch), Casual, and hardcore.
  • 5 unique referees, each with different personalities, to keep you on your toes.
  • Chat and emoji during matches to trash talk your opponent!
  • Aftertouch, powered shots, sprint and energy systems.

** for PC only, online play coming to Console soon.


To purchase Sociable Soccer 24 on PC or Nintendo Switch, please visit:


For more information about Sociable Soccer 24, please visit:


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